Zinc Sulfate Texture

Zinc Sulfate 10lb Bag


Zinc Sulfate

Description:  99% Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate


Your vegetable garden's success depends on quality soil.  While some gardeners live in areas with the perfect loam, most have a variety of challenges.  One of the most disheartening obstacles is areas where topsoil was removed during construction.  Even with the addition of generous amounts of compost, the soil often lacks micronutrients such as zinc.  The symptoms of insufficient zinc are similar to those of iron deficiency: stunted plants, yellow leaves, and deformed leaves.


 Zinc deficiencies tend to result from:

  • High pH and calcareous soil

  • Low organic matter, such as sandy or eroded soil
  • Wet, cold soil conditions that cause roots to develop slowly and soil to slowly release the Zn from organic matter.
  • Crops susceptible to zinc deficiencies in soils that test low in zinc