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Worm Castings 10lb Bag

Worm Castings 10lb Bag




Organic worm castings are produced by the breakdown of organic matter by African nightcrawlers.  They are odorless, pet and child friendly, and very easy to use.  Earthworm castings aid in immediate plant growth because they contain thousands of beneficial microorganisms and available nutrients.  Because worm castings are purely organic, they will not burn plants the way that man-made fertilizer can.  Using the African nightcrawler, a family owned worm farm in Northeast Nebraska, we have created nature's purest, darkest, and safest worm castings found on today's market.  Blood Meal for Less offers these worm castings 10 lb around the whole nation and larger sizes can be obtained by contacting us!


Worm castings are produced through the process of vermicomposting, the consumption and decomposition of organic waste via african nightcrawlers and microbes, producing a humus rich in organic matter, microorganisms, and worm castings!  As organic matter is consumed by the worm, it travels the length of the worm’s digestive tract before being excreted as a bacteria-enriched, pill-shaped cast.  This worm poop is coated in a mucus filled with even more bacteria.


We follow a strict and proven system for worm casting production.  Our african nightcrawlers are closely monitored in a controlled environment and fed an all-natural diet free of animal waste or human scraps.  This process ensures a consistent, ready to use product that you can trust.  We strive to meet everyone's needs, from the small gardener to the master gardener, lawn care enthusiast, or small to large scale farming operations.  We truly believe in our product and have seen first-hand the difference it can make.  Pure and simple, the way nature intended worm castings to be.


For Garden Soil Application:

Add 1-3" of worm castings to the top 1-3" of soil before planting or as soon as soil can be worked.

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