Dried Molasses Texture

Dried Molasses 50lb Bag




Dried molasses is a product that has recently and quietly gained quite a few fans around the United States.  Blood Meal for Less in Norfolk, NE offers a high quality dried molasses product your garden will benefit from.  You can use dried molasses to add carbohydrates to your soil to feed soil microorganisms.  Molasses also contains sulphur, potash and a variety of micronutrients (trace elements) needed by plants.  One thing that dried molasses adds to the soil is carbon, which is essential for growth. You have to have carbon in order to have healthy microorganisms in your soil, and carbon is the main energy source in soil.  Dried molasses also adds potassium or potash to your soil. Why is this important?  Potassium helps our plants maintain a good balance between root growth and top (leafy) growth.  Potassium also is very important in ensuring plants have adequate hardiness (in both winter and summer).  If your soil is low in potassium, you often have problems with disease, winter-kill of plants that are supposed to be winter-hardy and may find your perennials often are not perennial.  Dried molasses is used widely around the United States and is easy to work with and apply to your garden soil.


Because molasses increases microbial life, it is a great "compost starter" and you can just throw a handful of it on the compost now and then instead of purchasing those more expensive "compost starters" that you see in stores.  There are some weeds that are almost impossible to dig by hand, especially in hard clay or rocky soil.  Dallis grass is one of them.  To help kill Dallis grass and other similar grasses, first spray it with a vinegar product (10% or 20% is best). Then, come back a few days later and scatter a handful of dried molasses all over the crown of the plant.  The microbial action stirred up by the molasses will help rot the crown of the grass clump, and you can dig it and the roots out at your convenience.