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Blood Meal Texture

Blood Meal 10lb Bag


Blood Meal is a 100% natural amendment. 

Provides a consistent source of minerals and nutrients

for plants considered "heavy feeders."




Water and sunshine are not the only factors to a healthy, vibrant garden. 

You will need good mineral filled soil as well! 

Depending upon the crops you grow, soil that has been planted on too much over the years will lead to overall growth stunting and problems associated with good yield and healthy produce. 

Overtime, the minerals and nutrients that plants need to grow and stay healthy become depleted.  Blood Meal helps restore these lost nutrients and revitalize depleted gardening soils.

Blood Meal is an all-natural powder.  Made from powdered and dried livestock blood, blood meal is an all-natural amendment that is:

  • Economically Priced
  • Easy To Use
  • Works in Gardens, Yards, Lawns, and Soil Beds
  • Available in Large Bags For Industrial Applications
  • Perfect For Revitalizing Soils That Have Been Heavily Worked
  • Also Helps To Accelerate Composting Breakdown of Carbon Based Composts Such as Leaves and Straw

Blood Meal works quickly, providing "heavy feeding plants such as corn, lettuce, and okra with the high amounts of nutrition.  This fast acting amendment works to build new growth and keeps mature plants healthy and green.  Blood meal can help brown, spotted, or wilting plants recover by infusing the soil around their roots with nutrients and minerals essential to healthy plant growth.




Blood meal works with bacteria and nematodes in the soil to breakdown the powder into nutritional components so plants can more easily absorb nutrients.  This increased bacterial presence adds life to your soil base, casing increased root growth and a stronger overall root system.

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