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Using Blood Meal to Grow Plants

What is Blood Meal?

Just as it sounds, blood meal is dried blood from an animal. Primarily, blood meal is derived from meat packing plants across the US. These meat packing plants collect the blood from the animal after it is dead. Blood meal is first taken as the liquid that it is. Then this liquid is sold to companies that dry the product to a powder. You can find soluble blood meal and also flash dried blood meal (porcine blood meal) on the market for use in gardens.

Uses for Blood Meal

Blood Meal is used for a variety of reasons but mostly it is used in the agricultural industry. Many gardeners find the benefit of added nutrients for their plants when applied to potting soil, garden beds, or garden soil. For plants that enjoy growing in a more acidic environment, blood meal can help acidify your soil slightly to help bring them back to life. Some gardeners even use blood meal to deter some animals like deer or rabbits from eating their hard work. Be careful when applying, as too much can stunt the plant from flowering or even burn leaves. Follow directions that are given regarding application of this product.

Is Blood Meal a Good Soil Amendment?

The short answer is yes! Blood Meal has been used in gardens for generations as a way to promote a healthy and heavy crop. After repeated plantings, soil can lack nutrients vital for the proper growth of some of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Without proper nutrients plants can become stunted and fruits can become flavorless. Blood Meal is a great way to help enrich the soil that your favorite plants will grow in. But be careful, as stated above, blood meal is a powerful soil amendment and can burn and stunt plants if not applied correctly.

How to Use Blood Meal in the Garden

Blood meal is best applied to garden soil before planting or transplants are incorporated into the soil. Apply blood meal at least two weeks before planting to ensure it is settled in to its new home. Apply at a rate of 2-3 lbs per 1,000 square feet of garden space. You may reapply as a side dress every 1 1/2 - 2 months time to help the growth of the plant through its stages of life. Blood meal can be blended with other soil amendments to help create your ultimate soil amendment go to when planting your garden. Be sure to check out our shop page to get your hands on blood meal!

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