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Pile of cottonseed meal

Cottonseed Meal

Cottonseed meal is one of the best choices that seasoned gardeners use for their garden beds and flower beds. Cottonseed meal, although a byproduct of cotton processing, is something that is dense in nutrients for your plants and can also help with water retention. This ancient plant can really bring your garden to life and is safe for the whole family to use together.

Cottonseed Meal Uses

Blood Meal Substitute

In the event that adding blood meal to your vegetable garden is not available or you are running short, cottonseed meal is an excellent blood meal substitute.  With being high in nitrogen and having trace amounts of phosphorus and potassium, this makes an excellent side dress or something to incorporate nutrients to acid loving and nitrogen loving plants.  Many other fertilizers, like blood meal bone meal, can be used as a good fertilizer.  Cottonseed Meal however is ultimate substitute for meal fertilizers and is readily available from us or your local feed mill or garden center.

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