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Planting a Tomato with blood meal for less amendments
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Blood Meal For Less

Blood Meal For Less is your #1 premium supplier of quality soil amendments and products for your garden or next grow.  We offer a wide selection of soil amendments including Blood Meal, Sulfur Powder, Worm Castings, and Humic Acid.  Our distribution system ensures a quick turn around time for deliveries and enables us to sell in bulk. 


Feel free to browse our product selection and contact us at or by dialing 1-800-228-5836 if you have any questions.  Feel free to visit our soil amendments page to learn more about each of our soil amendments!


We charge no shipping and intend to keep it that way!


By farmers, gardeners, green house managers, cannabis growers, and the public for all their soil amendment needs.


We make every effort to get orders packed and shipped seamlessly and accurately!

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About Us

Family Owned, Nebraska Born

Blood Meal For Less is a family owned company that stems from years of hard work on Nebraska farms.  Over the years we have developed a knowledge of using soil amendments in garden settings all the way to field crops.  With the knowledge we have gained, we have helped hundreds of gardens produce the highest quality produce and yields possible.  Feel free to contact us by hitting the button below!

Blood Meal For Less Logo


2100 N 13th ST Norfolk, NE  68701


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