Urea is commonly used as a nitrogen-rich soil amendment. It can be applied to the soil, mixed with other amendments, or added to compost. Urea does not break the bank to get and storage and safety are relatively easy to accomplish.

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Prilled Urea

Our Urea is in a prilled form.  The granules are between the size of a BB and a sweet pea.  Prilled urea is much easier to handle and is much easier to store compared to powdered urea.

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Urea for the Garden

Urea can be used in the garden as a soil amendment.  Many gardeners have enjoyed the fast benefits that this amendment can give their plants.  We have a great article regarding using urea in the garden here!

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Urea Packaged Safely and Professionally

We hand package every product we offer and that includes urea.  We want to know what goes into every scoop and we also want to prevent contamination that machines may cause to be in other urea brands.  Machines have lubricants, metal shavings, and plastics that could contaminate urea.