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Kelp Meal

Description:  100% Pure Kelp Meal



Kelp Meal is an all-natural, 100% organic, made from dried ocean seaweed.  Full of beneficial vitamins and mineral, this all-purpose soil treatment works great on potassium loving plants such as lettuce and potatoes.


Over 70 Vitamins & Minerals in one easy to apply application


If you are like most growers, you know the benefits of kelp.  It is no secret that a garden is only as good as the soil it is grown in.  While most soils can grow plants, many lack the balanced nutrients necessary for growing great plants.  Kelp Meal can be your solution for this problem.

Kelp Meal is a 100% natural, all organic, comprised of mulched sea weed/kelp and harvested fresh from a Canadian Ocean.  A highly renewable resource, ocean kelp can be found throughout the world and has been used for centuries as an amendment with documented success.

Kelp Meal contains highly concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals,  when absent in

Using Kelp Meal will revitalize your soil and give your plants all the potassium they need to REALLY grow.


How an Ocean Plant Can Help Your Garden


Oceans contain every natural element known to man.  While sea water is being experimented with as an irrigation alternative in some parts of the world, dried seaweed applications such Kelp Meal, are proven growth supplements with verified results.  Kelp Meal is full of minerals and vitamins that plants can really thrive and benefit from.

Kelp, or seaweed, has cellulose structure that filters sea water and stores nutrients.  This constant filtration of minerals allows the plant to grow at incredible speeds, sometimes at rates up to 3 feet a day.  This makes kelp an abundant, renewable resource and provides food for many of the creatures found in the sea.  Although, not every ocean animal eats seaweed, most prey on smaller forms of life that depend on seaweed.

Kelp is a 100% natural source of over 70 minerals and vitamins which can be applied to any soil or plant without worrying about harmful chemicals or waste by-products.  Kelp Meal is a great way to feed your garden and an ecologically friendly choice.  Let the bounty of minerals found in the ocean work for you in your garden.