Cottonseed Meal Texture

Cottonseed Meal 10lb Bag


Cottonseed Meal

Description:  100% Pure Cottonseed Meal


A by-product of cotton manufacturing, cottonseed meal as a for the garden is slow release and acidic.  Cottonseed meal feeds nutrients over a period of time, eliminating runoff and promoting vigorous growth of vegetables landscape plants and turf.


Cottonseed Meal is Best for What Plants?


Cottonseed meal is desirable and is used in a variety of ways.  So the question, "Cottonseed meal is best for what plants?" is answered by replying that most any type of garden plant can get a boost by utilizing cottonseed meal.  Cottonseed meal is recommended for acid-loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias, leading to spectacular flowering.  Turf grasses, shrubs, vegetables, and roses also benefit from the use of cottonseed meal feed.